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Susan Hall

Creve Coeur Office

Susan is a Licensed Professional Counselor, licensed by the State of Missouri.  She has over 30 years of experience working with clients whose issues range from everyday stressors (divorce, grief, relationships, career) to major life disruptions (addictions, phobias, anxiety) to serious mental disorders (depression, bipolar disorder, trauma, developmental trauma, PTSD, CPTSD, and DID).   Her clinical specialties include sexual abuse, trauma, women’s issues, spirituality exploration, and addictions. She taught as an Adjunct Professor in the Graduate Counseling Program at Lindenwood University for 16 years and retired from teaching at the end of 2018. 

She has extensive training in treating trauma, PTSD and DID, and is trained in EMDR, Trauma Sensitive Yoga, hypnotherapy, and ego states therapy.  She received certification as an addiction counselor in Colorado in 1996.

She uses a holistic, feminist, humanistic approach to counseling. The holistic approach addresses the mind/body/spirit connection and recognizes that connection as central to the healing process. The feminist therapy model embraces an egalitarian relationship between therapist/client and encourages feedback and interaction. A humanistic approach recognizes that each client has all the answers within themselves, and a therapist’s role is to help the client connect with that wise part of self and access those answers. The therapist also provides psychoeducation and support, teaches new coping skills, and resources, and facilitates in processing and healing unhealed wounds. Susan is committed to providing each client with the safety, guidance and support necessary for healing growth and recovery.

Susan has been providing supervision and mentoring to PLPCs since 1998.  She also offers a consulting group on Trauma and DID to therapists and does individual consulting with therapist’s who need support and direction on cases they may find challenging.