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Beth Allan, APRN

Troy Office 

Beth Allan, APRN, Board Certified Nurse Practitioner, is licensed to practice in both primary care and psychiatric settings where she diagnoses, treats and prescribes medication for both adolescents and adults. Beth’s practice specialties include; depression, ADHD, anxiety, bipolar, eating disorders and PTSD. She is interested in stress related concerns and the overall relationship between mood and health. Beth has particular interest in the connection between health and healing as it relates to the mind, body and soul.

In her practice, Beth utilizes both traditional medical approaches prescribing up-to-date psychiatric medications and more alternative treatments including but not limited to: vitamins, supplements, lifestyle modifications, nutrition and exercise. She believes in the mind-body-spiritual connection for healing. She believes that we are all made up as a whole person and not a series of parts. When she treats her patients, she assesses and works with them to better their whole spectrum of health.

Beth’s hobbies include spending time with her family at the lake or by the pool. She lives in Troy Illinois and she and her husband Luke have been married for 28 years. Together she and Luke have 3 children, Luke, Paige and Danica and two dogs and one cat.

Beth’s motto for living is “In giving, we truly receive.”