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Counselors Associates Welcomes Libby Fisher

Counselors Associates Ltd is please to announce that Libby Fisher, MA has joined our team!

Libby’s specialties are Art Therapy, Behavioral Issues, Anxiety & Depression, Self- Esteem, & Trauma. 

Libby’s philosophy is that each client should be approached with respect, compassion, and non-judgement. The client-therapist relationship is at the core of her work. The support of a strong therapeutic relationship provides space to heal and change. Mutual trust and understanding helps us to work through issues that are brought to therapy. Libby treats each client as an individual who will bring their own unique experience to the therapeutic relationship. 

Her therapeutic approach combines art therapy counseling training with client-centered theory, while incorporating relational cultural theory. Art therapy is an excellent way to help navigate through trauma safely and address other life issues. It is used to help people of all ages, from children to adults. Often feelings may be hard to label with words, in these cases art-making can be incredibly beneficial. Art therapy can enhance emotional self-efficacy and improve self-esteem.  Libby is now accepting new clients ages 3 & up for Tele-Sessions, and In-Person sessions.  

To request an appointment with Libby, please contact the office at 618-972-1568.