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There is no judgment in your mind other than what you allow to reside there.  

Cosmetic surgery – a nip here; a tuck there; remove this, lift that… you can arrive at your destination as “The New You…”  Cosmetic surgery is a truly wonderful gift if someone has been born with a defect or had an injury that has caused some disfigurement that tears their confidence to shreds.  However, it’s also often used by people who want to appear more attractive.

But… and this happens quite often when people make cosmetic changes… what if you have cosmetic surgery and yet you’re still unhappy?  What if you’re still insecure?  What if you still don’t feel loved and appreciated?  You wouldn’t be the only one!  The problem with cosmetic surgery is that it’s still only skin-deep.

The truth is, the work of “becoming” attractive – and thus lovable, appreciated, included, etc. –
has little to do with external “fixes” and everything to do with becoming beautiful, loving, appreciative, grateful, kind, compassionate, understanding, and happy – ON THE INSIDE.

Beauty is an inside job.  Meditation helps you perceive yourself differently.  It’s a beautiful and safe opportunity to start seeing yourself through the eyes of unconditional love.

There is no judgment in your mind other than what you allow to reside there and meditation can help you dissolve that judgment.  It can help you discover your beliefs about yourself – the good and supportive beliefs that you can then focus on and build, as well as the self-defeating beliefs that you can then upgrade.

Do you wonder whether meditation can do this?  Personal change is really as simple as building awareness and then consciously doing something about what you find.

When you’re observing your thoughts non-judgmentally, after a while you get used to noticing:
   – you’re having a thought about yourself;
   – it’s a negative and self-defeating thought and
   – you don’t have to entertain that thought. You’re having it… but you don’t have to hold on to it
and let your emotions follow!
   – you don’t have to get involved in a thought just because you’re having one!

Remind yourself that a thought has NO power except for the power you give it.

You can turn your attention to another thought, and let that one go as if it means nothing to you – as if it’s not even relevant to you.

A thought is only “yours” if you grab hold of it and pay attention to it!

So just imagine… when you’re silently observing the workings of your mind, and you notice a thought about yourself that threatens to make you feel bad about yourself. Do you choose to entertain that thought and give it your attention, or do you choose to create a positive and empowering thought that makes you feel better?

Imagine spending 15-30 minutes a day thinking kindly and lovingly about yourself.

In this way, it’s a gradual process of uplifting yourself, and creating an inner vision of yourself –
an inner perception of yourself – that is overflowing with love and kindness.

– You start to look at yourself as your dearest beloved.
– You start to treat yourself with respect and compassion.
– You start to choose the words and behaviors that make you feel happy.
– You become more forgiving (toward yourself).

What have you got to lose?


                                                                                                                                 – Beauty is an inside job
original blog posted by
Project Meditation,
May 4, 2016.